Youmans A2 Capsule



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Youmans A2 Capsule 

Finely crafted in New Zealand from high-grade anodised aluminium.

Whether it is designs and photographs, plans and products, or for personal use, your Youmans Capsule will give you the confidence to deliver a showstopping performance.

Exterior dimensions: Width: 630mm (24.8 inches), Height: 532mm (20.9 inches), Depth: 60mm (2.7 inches

Interior dimensions: Width: 617mm (24.3 inches), Height: 435mm (17.1 inches), Depth: 54mm (2.1 inches

Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lb 1 oz)

Exterior: Anodised aluminium shell, Composite nylon/FG handles, catch and hinge.

Interior: Soft composite polyester and foam waterproof liner


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