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Vifa Stockholm 

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Stockholm builds on the classic principles of Nordic design: High quality, timelessness, and simplicity. Developed through more than 80 years of refined craftsmanship, our Hi-Fi technology will fill your room with great sound from virtually any music source. The compact cabinet blends discretely with its surroundings, leaving the design of the room entirely up to you.

Stockholm is sound elegance.

The materials reflect the Nordic design of Vifa audio products. Contrasts interplay; the warm, rough textile against a cool, smooth aluminum frame. A hand-sized remote control, cast in smooth, solid zinc. Or the discretely embossed logo.

The special-woven textile covers are from Kvadrat. With their quality and the longevity, this material perfectly matches the Vifa products.

Stockholm is wireless for your comfort and freedom of integration into your home. It is compatible with virtually any mobile phone, tablet, PC/MAC, and TV through technologies such as Bluetooth aptX, Apple AirPlay, and dlna music streaming.

Stockholm additionally supports Wi-Fi direct, allowing the use of Apple AirPlay outside your network range.


The Vifa 28mm soft dome tweeter handles the higher frequencies from approx. 4000Hz up to 20.000Hz. Left and right channel tweeters are spaced apart as much as possible for maximum stereo width and angled slightly backwards to satisfy optimal performance at various listening heights. The soft coated fabric dome is very light and well behaved and responds with fast and precise action to any subtle treble sounds. A compressed cotton pad behind the dome absorbs much of the reflection between rear side of dome and the magnet system. This avoids an otherwise dip in the frequency response. A copper cap on the pole piece helps to reduce unwanted distortion and extends the frequency response. The powerful Neodymium magnet ensures high efficiency in a compact size. It all adds up to a smooth, clear and open treble reproduction that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the frequency range and helps to bring out that natural authentic sound experience. 


The Vifa 80mm midrange driver handles the frequency range from approx. 200Hz to 3000Hz. It is mounted at close distance just below the tweeter for optimal integration and for optimized stereo width. It sits in its own separate enclosure to avoid modulation from the woofers and for exact control of roll-off characteristics. The suspension is soft and allows for a low resonance frequency placed well below the used frequency range. The midrange driver is designed with a rigid and light aluminum cone and dust cap with specially designed geometry for smooth and extended frequency response. A vented aluminum voice coil former ensures low moving mass and good cooling properties. A copper cap on the pole piece helps to reduced unwanted distortion and extends the frequency response. The powerful Neodymium magnet ensures high efficiency in a compact size. The strong customized metal basket is vented below the spider.  It all adds up to an open and natural reproduction of the midrange being so important for that authentic sound experience.  

Digital Pure Path Amplifier:

A great audio amplifier multiplies the input signal and provides the amplified signal to the drivers without lacking power or adding artifacts.

At Vifa we have a straightforward and simple strategy to designing amplifiers. We keep the signal in digital domain as much as we can, so it won’t be affected by noise. Next, we handle the digital signal just as gently as if we operated in an analog domain.

The amplification in our products is handled by switched (class-D) power amplifiers of the Digital Pure Path type. It has six powerful separate amplifier channels for maximum headroom and optimal performance. It conjoins with a high performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which completes the 100% digital signal chain and complements the product by having very low noise output, low distortion and a high dynamic range.

With this, we obtain the authentic sound that has become Vifa’s trademark.

Symmetric Passive Radiator:

The Vifa Passive Radiator is a 60mm x 140mm flat rigid cone that moves with a resonance frequency determined by a precisely calculated weight/mass mounted in a soft linear long-throw suspension. This is to some extend comparable to using a bass port tube also referred to as a vented system. For a small enclosure, a vented system would require a long and narrow tube in order to obtain a resonance frequency low enough. This would take up a large portion of the limited volume inside the enclosure and also create loud noise as the air moves in and out of both ends of the narrow tube. The Passive Radiator takes up no space inside the cabinet and creates no noise. The Symmetric Passive Radiator design by Vifa uses two passive radiators mounted on opposite sides of the speaker cabinet at equal distances from the active Force Balanced Woofer. This outbalances the mechanical impact on the cabinet and ensures same work load on both woofers and both passive radiators. It all adds up to a very impressive bass reproduction from a physically small speaker.

Force Balanced Woofer:

The Vifa Force Balanced Woofer incorporates two identical 100mm diameter custom made woofers mounted back to back. The Force Balanced Woofer is positioned in the speaker enclosure so that one woofer is radiating from the front side and the other is radiating from the rear side. Both woofers move in and out at the same time but due to the 180 degree opposite orientation, the mechanically induced vibrations that would normally be transferred to the enclosure are outbalanced by the opposite movement. The two woofers are mechanically fixed to each other – rear side against rear side – forming a very rigid and solid construction that forms a perfect platform for the woofer to start and stop with great precision and also to maintain the precise and undisturbed micro movements of the woofer. This enhances bass precision greatly and forms a very strong mechanical connection between front side and rear side of the speaker enclosure. This leads to lower coloration and lower mechanical vibration noise.

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