TID Watch No.1 36mm White/ Black Leather Wristband

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TID Watch No.1 36mm White/ Black Leather Wristband


Timelessness was the operating word when developing TID’s first timepiece, No.1. The watch boils away extraneous functions to focus on legibility and a design the user won’t get bored with. As a timepiece, it softly references some classic traits like integrated wire lugs to allow a NATO or pass-through strap and repositions the crown at 9-o’clock to avoid it digging into the wrist (given most wear a watch on the left hand). It’s a watch to withstand fickle changes in style, while remaining relevant in complementing trends as they come and go.



About TID Watches

TID is Swedish for time – a precious currency to spend on things you love. That’s why we invest ours on perfecting watches. From the studio in Stockholm, we obsess over materials and details to produce a limited collection of iconic timepieces for you to wear everyday.

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