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"Welcome to the 3rd generation of audio evolution."

Spaced360 frees the space locked in your music, immersing you in a new dimension of ultra-pure 360° sound

Designed in conjunction with Design Studio Nuovo from California, this pioneering portable speaker is created from three custom neodymium drivers, 3 mass loaded bass radiators; delivering an unparalleled music experience. 

True portable surround sound unlike never before. This is Spaced360 by Orbitsound.
Wireless portable speaker with aptX®  Bluetooth.
Powered by patented airSOUND technology to produce an immersive 360 degree sound experience unlike no other.
Housing three 2” neodymium speakers and three mass loaded bass radiators equally spaced to reduce cabinet vibration and improve bass response
Wrapped in stylish 3D formed metal grilles
Measuring only 22 x 19 x 8.8cm and weighing just over 1KG
Sleek base charger makes recharging a breeze with a two hour charge time
Boasting a whopping 6 - 14 hours of music playback 
Active NFC for simple pairing
Analogue Auxiliary Input (3.5mm stereo jack)
Micro USB input for firmware updates
Frequency response: 75Hz to 18kHz
3 x metal mesh grilles (hiding the passive radiators)
3 digital amplifiers approx. 20W each channel 
3 x custom developed full-range 2" drivers with neodymium magnets
3 x curved, mass-loaded custom passive radiators 
3 x Li-ion batteries inside the unit
Optional coloured cases available
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