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Acme Studios Science Roller ball  Pen PLD013 By Leonardo Da Vinci

Designed: 2003 “Science” Roller Ball Pen Origin: U.S.A. Material: Hand applied lacquer over brass. LEONARDO DA VINCI was born in 1452 in Vinci , Italy . His name is synonymous with ability, creative power, intellect, and achievement. Not only were his paintings of superb beauty and sublime content that place them among the worlds masterpieces, but in his lifetime, his scientific investigations of geology, botany, anatomy, hydraulics, as well as his theoretical work in mathematics, attest to the penetration of his genius. As a renowned painter of the Florentine school, Leonardo’s work was equalled only by Raphael and Michelangelo. The celebrated Mona Lisa’s smile has caused speculation by observers through the centuries, but The Last Supper is of more interest to art lovers because it is a supreme example of his masterful abilities of composition. In fact, all of his painting was based on his great knowledge and observational powers. ACME Writing Tools equipped with roller ball components use German manufactured Schmidt ink refills. (Fine point, non-drying). Packaged in a stylish presentation case.

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