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Ponsonby Store:
2b Jervois Rd

+64 9 378 1414

Postal Address:
PO Box 147-213
Ponsonby, 1144
Auckland, New Zealand

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Tivoli Audio Products

Tivoli Audio was founded in 2000 by Tom De Vesto after a successful thirty year association with Audio Hall of Fame member Henry Kloss. Tivoli Audio is a world leader in the deisgn and manufacturing of table radios, offering a wide range of unique home and portable audio products including the highly acclaimed Model One, iSongbook and Music System radios. Each of Tivoli's radios incorporates a high sensitivity tuner and the ability to connect to MP3/iPod players. Tivoli Audio creates affordable, attractive, high quality products proving that compact radios can be stylish and simple to use while delivering outstanding audio performance.

DUE OCT and NOV 2010: The Model 10 - Model One 'Frost Collection' - IYIYI in Silver.
  • Model One

    Imagine the ideal radio. The Tivoli Audio Model One AM/Fm table radio has been describes as "the best sounding table radio ever made," (MSNBC) offering "the kind of room-filling sound that many other radios claim to deliver but often don't." (Forbes)

  • Model Two

    Tivoli Audio's Model Two AM/FM Stereo Radio offers all the features of the Model One - with the addition of a second speaker cabinet for true stereo separation. Ipod/MP3 compatible. You can also add optional extra's such as a Subwoofer and CD player to create a complete sound experience. Available in Silver/Cherry and Silver/Black

  • Tivoli Audio Model Three AM/FM Clock Radio

    Wake up happy. The Tivoli Audio Model Three AM/FM Clock Radio improves your mood from the moment you open your eyes. "Designed with spare elegance and natural wood, the Model Three's sound is warm, full and altogether surprising coming from a cabinet this small." Sound and Vision Available in Metallic Taupe/Cherry and Silver/Black.

  • Model 10

    Smaller size, bigger sound. The smallest and best performing table radio Tivoli Audio has ever produced in its 10 years of design and development. The Model 10 features award winning Tivoli Audio audio circuitry that combines a state-of-the-art digital tuner and clock with a 3" full range driver that produces rich and detailed room-filling sound. An adjustable EQ perfects the levels to individual preference with controls for treble, bass, loud-ness and balance. In addition, the beautifully styled, real furniture grade wood cabinet is ported for enhanced bass. A real time digital clock has two independent alarms that will wake to either music or tone and features a sleep timer and snooze control.

  • PAL

    We've all owned things that bring on a smile just from looking at, or holding, or listening to them. The Tivoli Audio PAL, Portable Audio Laboratory radio is, for many of our customers "The most delightful radio on the planet".

  • SongBook

    The SongBook AM/Fm alarm clock travel radio makes it easy to bring high-fidelity sound with you, wherever you go. "Ideal for both beach and beach house, this warm-sounding, rubber-cased, splash-proof hybrid functions as an alarm clock, AM/FM radio and iPod speaker." (Men's Journal) Available in Black, Blue, White, Silver and Red.